100 % Mongolian Goat Wool Anorak

100 % Mongolian Goat Wool Anorak





Wool anorak - Tested by bushcrafter for one year!

To ensure that the jacket insulates as good as at all possible, the jacket is composed of 2 layers of quality wool.


This makes both the sewings in the fabric nicer but it also means that between the 2 layers of wool there is a layer of stagnant air that isolates further around the body.


The air around the body is the key when you want to stay warm. Most people know the 3-layer principle: A thin layer of sweat-absorbent inside + a layer that can hold some good air pockets in between + a good shell on the outside.


For example, if you wear 10 layers of clothing, you might wonder why you still freeze; but if you do that, you will remove all the air pockets that should be your insulation. The fabric itself does not insulate.