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Mongolian goat wool - perfect for outdoor life


Wool from Mongolia is considered to be among the highest quality in the world. All the animals graze freely in the vast steppes of Mongolia. Unfenced pastures makes the wool organic.


Goats from Mongolia is built to survive in the freezing cold winters in Mongolia. In addition to being warm, goat wool has a lot of unique properties that benefits the elements outdoors.


Wool is a preferred material among many outdoor people. But what makes wool that special? And why spend so much money on the natural fibers instead of the many cheaper synthetic alternatives?


Wool has become very popular, not only for outdoor life and the bushcraft environment, but also as everyday wear. Outdoor enthusiasts has always been very aware of the many good qualities of wool.


Three features have been crucial to the popularity of wool: 

  • Wool can be worn for an extended period of time without it starting to smell of sweat.

  • Wool keeps you warm. Even when it’s wet it will isolate up to 80%.

  • Wool lets you breathe

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Properties of mongolian goat wool

Wool has the ability to absorb water. Wool is hydrophilic - so it can absorb moisture and water, up to 35% of its own weight without feeling wet. As a result, wool can keep you warm, even when it’s wet.

Even when having a break wool will keep you warm, hence the sweat won’t cool you down, like cotton and synthetics fabrics will do. 

The curly structure of the wool creates a wealth of tiny air pockets in the garment. This helps you to stay warm, hence they act as an insulating buffer zone between you and the cold. 


The keratin in the fiber makes it naturally flame retardant so that it does not burn or melt if sparks should fly from a campfire. 


Wool also provides extremely high protection against UV radiation, and last but not least, wool is an environmentally friendly product.

Wool Is Odorless

Another valued feature of wool is its natural resistance to microbial growth - that is, it does not smell.

Wool can be worn many days in a row without it starting to smell of sweat. This is nice when you go on a trip for several days without showers or enough space or weight for new clothing every day.