Bushcraft is a big passion in my life, rooted in a deep love towards our nature.

Bushcrafting is about a certain set of outdoor skills and a strong mental mindset.

My goal is to pass on some of these skills and knowledge to others, and to provide active bush crafters and all 

other outdoor people the opportunity to use some of the functional, durable, high quality types of outdoor gear I use myself.

// Johnny Juhl

Drawn by Nature

Johnny alias SimpleWoodsman, represents more than 35 years of solid outdoor experience.

He’s been working professionally as well as being out in nature as a passionate private enthusiast, in a long range of environments and places around the world.


Military service for 9 years (The Danish Armed Forces and NATO. Infantry & Reconnaissance. Sgt. 1st. Class. Deployments. Various courses & educations).

In civil life educated as an Outdoor Guide. Up until now he has been working 14 years professionally in  outdoor tourism as an Expedition/Tour-leader. Mountaineering, Trekking, Kayaking, Overland trucks, and large scale tailor made tours with according logistics etc.


A very eager Bushcrafter for many years. Since early childhood he was practicing different ways to light fires, primitive shelters, food over fire, trapping, tracking, hunting, knowledge of plants and animals, carving, survival techniques, etc. Needless to say, Johnny has first hand experience with a lot of different outdoor gear - tested in all kinds of environments.


Today, besides Bushcrafting Johnny also makes a lot of his outdoor gear himself in his workshop. Johnny started posting pictures, videos and stories about Bushcraft, handcrafts and his adventures outdoors on Instagram, with more than 38.000 followers, under the alias “@Simple.Woodsman”.